RELAX! With A to B, your move is fully under control!



How much will it cost?

This depends on a number of variables:

  • What items you are moving
  • Are there any particularly difficult or heavy pieces?  eg piano, pool table, large native timber furniture etc.
  • The areas you are moving from and to.
  • Accessablity for loading and unloading; eg Is it close and level, are there stairs, or a long walk.  If there is a lift, is it big enough?
  • Is there safe, legal parking?
  • Additional services required such as packing, unpacking, boxes, paper, bubble wrap etc.
  • Safety Risks that must be properly managed.
  • Parking Fees and any other unavoidable expenses.

Quantifying the above factors requires experience and skill. Firm Price Quotes are usually only provided after an on site inspection by our professional estimators.

Estimates may be given over the phone or in response to email.  An estimate is an assessment based on the information we receive. It is not a firm price quote. You will be charged on an hourly rate (plus materials and parking if applicable).

Do you charge travel time?

Yes travel time is charged and covers the time from A to B Removals South West depot to the first address and back to A to B Removals South West depot from the last address of the job, unless travel time is quoted.

Do I need Insurance?

The short answer is yes. It is possible, in spite of the best intentions of the best removalists, that your goods may get damaged. Furniture designers and manufacturers typically place a higher priority on aesthetics and the production cost rather than on transportability. Furniture is not designed to be moved and is not built to withstand being jolted in a truck, even with the best packing.

Having said that, A to B Removals South West rates do include insurance for damage caused by A to B Removals South West staff, to any goods or property during loading or unloading resulting from this move.  This insurance covers repair of the damaged item/s in the first instance, and replacement only if the item is damaged beyond repair.  There is a $250 excess payable by the customer in the event of a claim.  Claims must be made in writing within seven days of the date on this contract.

Insured events

The insurance is against:

  • accidental loss of, or damage to goods while loading or unloading.

Exclusions to this insurance:

  • Electrical misadventure (internal wires vibrating loose on electrical items)
  • Damage to contents of boxes, bags, suitcases or cartons which were not packed and unpacked by A to B Removals staff.
  • Damage to stone/marble/earthenware products that break under their own weight (without being bumped or dropped).  The customer is to witness handling of these items.

What happens if my furniture is damaged or broken?

If it can be proved that A to B Removals South West was negligent and caused the damage or that we did not use due care and skill, you may be able to request that we repair any damage. However, if there is damage and there was no negligence displayed, the repair will need to be paid for by the clients insurance. If you are not insured, and there was no negligence you will have no recourse to any compensation.

Should I choose hourly rate or firm price quote?

It is entirely your choice. Either way our crews will work as  efficiently and quickly as  is safe to do so.

Hourly rate charges are flexible and suitable for small, straight forward or short notice removals. We are generally happy to provide an estimate based on the information you provide to us although actual charges will be always calculated on the time taken.

Quotations are free of charge or obligation and are recommended for larger more complex removals as these may involve additional man-power and resources such as specialized materials or pre-packing.

To obtain a quotation, simply phone us to arrange a time for our estimator to call so he can view all items to be moved - including the contents of cupboards and storage areas. Access for loading and unloading will be a consideration so you will need to provide details with regard to; truck parking, distances to entrance, internal and external steps or any other relevant factors at all locations. Our estimators are very experienced and have a background in physically performing removals in the field.They will discuss options and make recommendations to help make your move as efficient as possible.

Can I use my own cartons?

Yes although it is important to be aware that not all cartons are suitable for furniture removals and using unsuitable cartons is a false economy. Cartons should be of standard sizes, strong, tape sealed, labelled and fully loaded without overfilling. A to B Removals South West cartons are designed to stack neatly, forming a strong, weight bearing matrix when loaded. Using inappropriate cartons may cause damage to the contents and make handling and stacking difficult, slow and inefficient.

Can I pack myself?

If you have the time, skills, strength and materials yes you can pack your own boxes. Remember packing can be time consuming and is physically demanding work.  You will need to lift and stack fully laden cartons and one small carton of books alone can weigh 25-35 kilograms.

If there are any breakages in owner packed boxes, A to B Removals South West will take no responsibility, nor will these items be covered by  our insurance, except in the event of total loss of the carton (in which case claims are limited to $500.00 unless an itemized valued list of contents is supplied prior to the commencement of the transit).

Do you provide packing and unpacking servcies?

Yes we can supply experienced personel and materials to efficiently perform this service.

Do I need to be present during the move?

You or your agent should be on site and available to liaise with removalists. It is your responsibility to ensure to the best of your ability that all goods to be removed or stored (other than goods being removed from store) are uplifted by us and that none are taken in error. You will also need to be present to sign for the receipt of goods. 

Do you place everything in position in my new home?

Our removal crews will place and reassemble furniture in your new home according to your instructions.

NB :  You will need to measure and plan in advance for the placement of furniture as Indecisiveness will result in excessive additional time being taken to reposition furniture and may incur additional charges on quoted removals.

Is there anything I have to do to prepare appliances such as washing machines before removal?

You should always refer to the manufacturers instructions. It is imperative that washing machines be prepared properly as these are easily damaged. It is not the removalist’s responsibility to do this and any damage resulting will not be the removalist’s responsibility.

How should I prepare my fridge?

Your fridge/ freezer should be emptied and wiped clean throughout. If it is going into storage, the fridge should be thoroughly cleaned and dry. Wiping the interior with vanilla essence will help keep  mildew at bay. Tea bags left in the fridge will also absorb moisture and help combat mildew. Plumbing to fridges should be disconnected.

What storage facilities do you offer or recommend?

Dunsborough - Dusnborough Storage - 

Margaret River - Anytime Storage - 0417 996 949

Rockhampton - Caledonian Carriers - 0418 936 837

Perth  - AAA Bargain Removals and Storage - 08 9330 6333

Am I expected to provide food or drinks for the removalists?

You should provide fresh water and toilet facilities. Tea or coffee break is not expected but is certainly appreciated particularly on long jobs. Under no circumstance should alcohol be provided.

Can you move plants?

Plants generally do not travel well. They cannot be stacked so they waste expensive volume during transport. However on a basis of "all care and limited responsibility" A to B Removals South West is prepared to move plants when requested. There are both size and weight restrictions. There are quarantine restrictions when moving interstate and  importantly soil cannot be moved to certain agricultural regions. Ceramic pots become brittle with age and exposure to the elements. Proper preparation and packing is seldom an economic alternative but potted plants can be moved  at the owners’ risk.

When will A to B Removals South West pack the cartons?

Due to time constraints packing may need to be done before the moving day. Some planning and preparation will ensure that those things you need are not pre-packed.  Loading packed cartons first on the removal day clears the residence of clutter and reduces the amount of hazards and obstacles allowing more efficient handling of furniture.

I want to do my own packing but am not sure how many cartons I will need, or where to get them.

Estimating how many cartons you will need is difficult for professionals and virtually impossible for amateurs.

We use and sell three basic types of cartons.  

Standard Cartons - Tea Chests – General purpose large carton used for crockery, glassware, folding clothes and linen.

Book/Crystal Cartons – Small carton used for heavy items like wine, books or sealed groceries. They are also used to pack fragile items that should not be layered eg crystal glasses.

Portarobe Cartons – used for hanging clothes. They hold ~ 2 linear foot of clothes on hangers. Portarobe cartons are usually brought along on moving day and retrieved at the unload. A hire fee is charged for each Portarobe used. If you require Portrobes to be left on site a refundable deposit is charged.

Butchers paper, bubblewrap and tape are also available.

If you are unsure of exactly how many cartons you may need, order extra, we will only charge for those materials actually used. You will need to give back the unused cartons to our removal crew before loading commences so they can keep track of the returns. It is preferable to over order to avoid the necessity of additional deliveries.  

How long will your quote be valid?

Our quotes are valid for acceptance within 28 days from the quoted date, provided we are permitted to commence work within 60 days of acceptance.

What happens to the cartons after I move?

Used cartons and wrapping can be a nuisance to deal with after a move. A to B Removals South West has an environmentally responsible policy of keeping our packaging out of landfill. We will reuse or recycle packaging material wherever possible. When you are unpacked simply phone us to arrange a pickup of materials. You will need to ensure that cartons are opened by cutting tape, emptied, flattened, grouped in sizes and stacked out of the weather.

Hint: When unwrapping articles wrapped in butchers’ paper, flatten the paper. This reduces the chance of throwing things out with crushed paper. It is less work than crushing up the wrapping again. The paper can be reused and takes up much less space. Don’t bother to flatten crushed paper used as cushioning. It should be squashed into as few cartons as possible to facilitate handling.

Can I supply helpers to load and unload the truck in lieu of your offsiders?

Yes, provided they are physically fit, strong and able.  A to B Removals South West reserves the right to call upon a unusal team member if your helper is not considered appropriately able by the team leader.  The replacement personel will be charged at the usual labour rate charged from arrival on site till finish/depot.